Dylan & Spencer

Rewind the clock to a long, long time ago.

The year was 2016.

Spencer and Dylan had yet to meet. Spencer had just moved to Los Angeles from Boston. Dylan had been living with her brother in Beverly Hills.

One night Dylan was invited to Manhattan Beach, where the two would meet for the first time. She showed up with a cheap bottle of wine, a friend, and a green hat. While Spencer was shy and reserved, Dylan was outgoing enough for the both of them. She enjoyed the company of his friends. That night marked the start of what would become a year of frequent hangouts and a blossoming friendship.

Fast forward to Spring 2017.

Dylan found herself mid-career change and in need of a study companion.

Spencer was a year into the company he founded and was in dire need of balance outside of work.

The two would find themselves meeting up at Starbucks to get away from their regimens.

One evening...

Spencer had been out with his friends at a party on Fairfax Blvd. It got a little carried away; there was a fight that broke out. Meanwhile, Spencer had been strategically planning his escape to join Dylan at her parent’s house. The strategy: hop in an Uber.

Fifteen minutes later, Spencer arrived and joined Dylan in the kitchen, where the two grilled peppers and avocados in an attempt to make tacos. That night, Spencer worked up the courage to kiss Dylan. The rest was history.

Dylan was in complete shock when Spencer texted her first thing the next morning. What a gentleman! The following year together was spent hiking, traveling, babysitting Spencer’s family dog — doing everything together. They motivated each other with a shared sense of excitement for the future. Dylan had her dreams and goals, and Spencer had his. Together they felt like an unstoppable team.

After a year and a half of dating, Spencer asked the magical question.

Dylan said yes!

They have been living together for the past year, learning about each other’s good and bad habits, learning how to create a shared life with each other.

Dylan is the yin to Spencer’s yang — opposites really do attract. Dylan loves Spencer’s introverted personality which grounds her. Spencer admires Dylan’s ability to socialize with so many people. The two are genuinely growing together.

Dylan always says, one plus one equals three.

The key to their love story is one that encourages independence, balance, respect, and LOVE.